Opening Scene



I found this little morsel after typing in “heterodox economics” in a Google image search so I figured it would make for a good welcome message from yours truly. However, I will admit with all due respect and sincerity that I did not choose to become an economist for the $$$$$$$$$$$. I wanted to become an economist to study $$$$$$$$$$$$ and the whys, whats, and hows behind those green slips of paper and to use that knowledge to help and take part in the radical and leftist school of thought in my country of birth. The U.S. hasn’t been too terribly kind to the left over the years but with the financial collapse of 2008 people from all walks of life are interested in hearing some new ideas on how we can put wealth back into the people’s hands.

When I say people I mean you and me. Not the big businesses that live on government welfare. And not the crony government types that love to tax and give our money to those big businesses. I want to see businesses succeed, but not at the cost of other people’s failure and repression. This is the main reason why I am very critical of the capitalism we experience in today’s society. I’m not sure to what extent it can be abolished or even reshaped, but that’s why I am here. I want to find out.

We need a new society with a new economic system. One that works for everyone and not ruled by an elite few. When Occupy started in 2011 it was a step in the right direction to bring to light problems that had be festering in our institutions that became the new normal of American capitalism. Occupy also did something else; It gave me a new outlook on life and inspired me to go back to school to study economics and help fight against the people who caused not only the financial crisis but all the other crises connected to our joke of an economic system.

During my studies I will be posting personal thoughts, ideas, and links to other people’s posts I find that can help everyone learn more about the alternatives to America’s capitalism to form a new economy. I will do my best to keep up with it during my busy schedule that includes working full-time, going to school full-time, and helping to raise two daughters. It is for them and for you that I am doing this.


Welcome to radical rationale.


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