No More Masters

So every four years people vote for a president here in America. And every four years I make a bet that I won’t hear at least one person say “If you don’t vote you have no reason to complain.”

I owe myself $5. No big deal.

While the noise will sound the same the action will eventually be different. Hopefully in the next four years I will be out of the state of Florida so I won’t have to worry about swing-state electoral politics. I’ll hopefully be somewhere else in grad school arguing with a libertarian over something Mises or Friedman said. However, no matter where I end up I honestly don’t know if I will ever vote again. It’s become voting for Capitalist A or Capitalist B, Crony 1 or Crony2, and all within the Corporate Plutocrat Infinitum.

I would like all of you to remember a few things that have to do with some basic economic ideas turned upside down by both Republicans and Democrats.

1. The Hayekian experiment of “setting the market free” failed miserably. The rationality of people in the upper echelons of society (public and private) turned irrational through the gorging on the bets against toxic mortgage-backed securities. We can thank Clinton, a Republican led Congress, and the idea that merging depository banks with investment banks was a great idea for that miscue of “small government” and “free-market” principles.

2. Keynesian-type spending on the military industrial complex, the war on drugs, and an ever-reaching police state has dragged our deficits even deeper than they should be. This was the type of spending Keynes did not envision or use to promote “full employment”. It does however promote fear, hate, and an ever-reaching hand of the corporate state into our lives.

I’m not going to go any further into a diatribe supporting a candidate. Honestly, I don’t care for either of them because I don’t support their version of capitalism or governing. I’m standing at the line where I don’t know if I support capitalism at all – cuddly or otherwise.

I know why the left (center) settles for Obama, he’s not Mitt. And I know why people love Mitt, he’s not Obama. But they both share the same governing policies here and abroad as well as economic ones, it’s just that one prefers equality of outcome a little bit more rather than opportunity. But when the day is done does anyone really see a difference? In either case the bourgeois still win. It’s corporate socialism coupled with a nanny state that ensures the rule of the 1% over the serfs. In this case, Hayek was right. We have lost many freedoms. Economic and otherwise.

The solution isn’t just to vote, because what does that do except keep the status quo. What it takes is direct action outside of the booth and there are many ways to do this even if you’re incapable of going to protests, meetings, etc. At the end of the day everyone has a right to complain about what happens because we all live here whether we vote or not.


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